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Exclusive Sermax Scales ® weighing machine. LMB 05 – Linear weigher 5 lines.

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Exclusive Sermax Scales ® weighing machine. LMB 05 – Linear weigher 5 lines.

IDEAL for dosing in Thermoformers, Thermosealers and conveyor belts.

Designed for all types of products up to length or Ø 30 mm / unit piece.

Specially designed for sticky, fresh and/or fragile products that cannot be transported with vibrators and that require reduced falls,

High precision and reliability in weighing.

It is composed of the following elements:

  • Production speed : 35-45 Downloads / minute ( * )
  • Accuracy : +1 Piece ( * )
  • Possibility of adapting the distance between centers of the weighing lines, to adapt it to the container. (See gallery example image)
  • Programmable auto tare.
  • Quick-draw circular weight containers.
  • Maximum product regulation through two levels of fully removable belts.
  • IP-65 step-by-step drive.
  • All elements in contact with the product made of STAINLESS STEEL.
  • Feed hopper Not included – Must be manufactured according to product.
  • Channel closure flaps, which prevents any possible product detachment. (Optional)
  • Container capacity: 0.25 Lts (Other volumes on request)
  • Overweight rejection device (Optional)
  • Introducer device of the product inside the container »Raise-Lower» (Optional)
  • Product loading device (Third Level) through Screw Feeders with independent motorization (Optional)


(*) It is necessary to study samples of the product to validate the final production of this offer.

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Exclusive Sermax Scales ® weighing machine.

Información adicional

Buckets Volume

C= Custom, G= 1.8 L (130x110x130mm) LMB=M, M= 0.70 L ( D.80x140mm), S=0.35 L ( D.70x90mm )


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